Human beings are channels of light. Through water, the light of consciousness flows. As we have seen in the Earth society, humans can get clogged up with toxins. When there is junk in the bio-system, light cannot channel clearly, and happiness becomes a rare fantasy.

The pure water cleans the body, mind, and spirit, allowing every human being to become beacons of light once again. This is how we are restoring peace and prosperity on planet Earth, echoing throughout the galaxies.

Thank you for being part of this great Now moment. Be who you came to be. Let’s light up the world together.

Hands touching a globe

About Andrew Norton Webber:

Artist, intuitive, free thinker, lecturer, health researcher

Born March 23, 1970 in Farmington, Maine, North America

1970 – 1988: Incorporated without consent. Circumcised without consent. Vaccinated without consent. Fluoridated without consent. Mis-educated without consent. Graduated from Waterville High School in Waterville, Maine.

1988 – PRESENT: Self-educated, self-employed, award-winning artist, never a follower or slave to academic, business, or other institutions. Chemtrailed and H.A.A.R.P.ed without consent.

Researcher of health issues, natural living and natural cures. Complier of ancient and modern knowledge on the healing properties of pure waters. Founder of Aquariusthewaterbearer.com

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